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St. Mary’s Cathedral, the pearl of Moravia in Křtiny

The cathedral is open to the public year round. Today it is not only used for important church events andoccasional spiritual activities, but it is also open for concerts and for lovers of architecture and history. The Cathedral’s ambits conceal one of the largest operating glockenspiels in Central Europe with 33 bells. The glockenspiel plays regularly twice a week, though it is also possible to have it played at other times upon agreement with the parish office. There is a charnel-house accessible in the church’s crypt, containing not only the mortal remains of a hundred medieval citizens of Křtiny, but also several skulls decorated with mysterious ornaments, the significance of which has yet to be explained. The charnel-house can also be seen upon agreement with the parish office.

The town ofKřtiny

Křtiny, hidden on the upper edge of the Josefov Valley karst region about 15 km northeast of Brno, represents an ideal tourist and pilgrimage destination as well as a jumping pointfor getting to know the middle section of the Moravian Karst. Its uncommonly rich history, reaching back far beyond the year 1237, and the centuries of the Virgin Mary pilgrimage tradition is enhanced by the immediate vicinity of the Moravian Karst and its romantic rocky valleys, caves, swallow holes andsinkholes.

Oval school in Křtiny

The town can also boast of interesting modern architecture, namely the oval elementary school. It has nine grades, a nursery school and a modern equipped gym. Due to its architectural ingenuity it is rightly considered to be the dominant modern feature of Křtiny.

Jedovnice Church

The Jedovnice church is a modern textbook of sacred art from the end of the 20th century. The parish priest P. FrantišekVavříčekinvited artists that were relatively unknown at the time, such as MikolášMedek, Jan Koblasa and Josef Istler, to decorate the interior in a modern style.

St. Josef Church in Senetářov(Jedovnice Parish)

One of the few churches to be built during the period of religious repression. Designed by architect LudvíkKolek, it was completed in 1971. The Stations of the Cross were made by MikolášMedek.


The first detailed historical records of Rájec come from the 14th century. Art lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the extensive collection of oriental porcelain and the famous chateau picture gallery, which presents the works of renowned European painters from the Baroque and Romanticism periods.


A unique exhibit describing the history of the mill including its operations, it also includes a geological park with examples of rocks from the Moravian Karst and the Drahan highlands.

Pekárna andŠvédůvstůlCaves

The caves are archaeological deposits of international significance in the Říčky Valley. Both are freely accessible.

Josefov – Františčinaironworks

The ironworks was one of the first blast furnacesenabling the constantsmelting of iron ore. At the end of the 18th century the furnace was rebuilt and the entire operation was on a higher technological level. In the middle of the 19th century it underwent further modernisation. Today it is the oldest existing ironworks in Central Europe and it is an urban reservation.


The Renaissance Chateau was built at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries on the site of a stronghold that was evidently built in the 13th century. The cylindrical tower’s foundations, which have been preserved to the current day, are of Romanesque origin.

Inspiring programme

1st day - easy start

  • LATER IN THE MORNING: go sightseeing at the farm, taking up with local pets - sheeps Ráchel and Rebeka, turkeys Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, guineafowls, chickens, geese, a big friendly Noe, horses and cats
  • LUNCH: you are welcome to have it at a near restaurant
  • AFTERNOON: relaxing at the farm, swimming in the lake if possible or walk around the farm
  • EVENING: feed the pets
  • DINNER: at a near restaurant Devon
  • visit our sauna in an outdoor cooling larch barrel

2nd day - sport and cognition 1

  • MORNING: an option to take part in an activity in feeding the pets and earn pony money (stájovky) - money valid at our farm and several restaurants nearby
  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • LATER IN THE MORNING: visit Velká Dohoda, a beautiful area for families with children at any age. This climbing area offers a lot of simple and difficult fairways, option to get a lift on harness which is 30-metre high, to crawl an amateurish cave or to get up on a rock
  • LUNCH: e.g. at the restaurant Olšovec in Jedovnice. There is a local pond Olšovec in which you can bathe and it is 42-hectare large. In the summer time you can even borrow a little boat to go around
  • AFTERNOON: visit the cave Výpustek where during the Second World War stood a secret factory and an antinuclear hideout during normalization. The visit takes one hour approx. After the previous order you can play an escape game
  • DINNER: at some restaurant in Brno
  • EVENING: visit the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, one of the high-tech observatories in Europe

3rd day - Křtiny (2 km / 1,24 mile from the farm)

  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • LATER IN THE MORNING: a trip to Křtiny. It offers local architecture to go sightseeing at. We will ensure you an exclusive visit of Marian church by Santini where a local parson will guide you. You can also visit a local ossuary and listen to chime
  • LUNCH: at a local Château restaurant offering delicious venison
  • AFTERNOON: families with little children can go along the path known as a snail Krasík. Others can choose a peaceful walk along Arboretum.
  • Relax at the farm, we will lend you board games to play on terrace
  • DINNER: at one of the best restaurants in Brno called Havana - 10 minutes from the farm Noe
  • Relax in a hot tub - larch barrel heated on 37,5 °C (99,5° Fahrenheit)

4th day - sport and cognition 2

  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • LATER IN THE MORNING: Speleoart - a unique experience in Moravian Karst - visit commonly unavailable caves on your own - from the simplest for children to hardest where you can even go rock climbing, always with a professional guide of course
  • LUNCH: at some restaurant in Brno
  • AFTERNOON: visit Vida centra in Brno - interactive centres where children are able to try to launch hydric rocket, freeze own shade, try to forecast the weather or feel an earthquake
  • DINNER: at some restaurant in Brno

5th day - The Macocha Abyss and caves

  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • A trip to the Macocha Abyss (necessary booking in advance) and then visit to famous stalagmite caves - Kateřinka, Sloup-Šošůvka Caves and so on
  • LUNCH: at some restaurant nearby the Macocha Abyss
  • On the way back, visit the watchtower called Alexandrovka. We will tell you a secret about an impressive surrounding and believe us, it's impossible to not return there
  • DINNER: at some restaurant nearby
  • EVENING: Relax in a hot tub - larch barrel heated on 37,5 °C (99,5° Fahrenheit)

6th day - Bicycle or segway touring

  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • After the previous agreement we will ensure you to hire bicycles or segways. You can go a bikeway that is 200 metre-long (e.g. to Bukovinky, to pubs with garden or to Jedovnice where you can bathe in a pond called Olšovec)
  • While going from Jedovnice you can go sightseeing in a mill in Rudice and also Rudické propadání where a pond Jedovnice floats down to a depth of 90 metres

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