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The village of Březinalies in the Ochozskýpotokriver valley and beautiful forests and natural beauty can be found in its environs along with many hiking trails. Make sure to try the following:

Křtiny Valley

If you love hiking, wild mushrooms and sports, Křtiny Valley offers several regional and national cycling paths, educational nature trails and a dense network of marked hiking trails leading to the Moravian Karst, tothe Rudice swallow hole, where the water disappears underground, or to the mysteriousJosefovValley, where the same water once againbubbles up at Býčískála Cave. Other trails lead to the romantic ruins of the NovýHrad castle, which the Swedes conquered through subversion, to Rakovec Valley, to the Říčky Valley or to the Jedovnice fish ponds.


A charming natural space full of rare flora and fauna.

StaréZámky Fortress

This Slavic fortified settlement lies in the southern part of the Moravian Karst and offers a long history. It is a significant excavation site considered to be the predecessor to the city of Brno.

Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area

One of the most beautiful karst regions in Central Europe is on your doorstep. Visit, for example, the lowest situated site in the Czech Republic, the Macocha Abyss or the Balcarka Cavewith its colourful stalactites.


The world-famous Macocha Abyss is more than 138 metres deep and is the largest gorge of its kind in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe. The upper part of the gorge is 174 metres long and 76 metres wide.

Punkva Caves

Punkva Caves are the most popular caves of the Moravian Karst. They are located about two kilometres from SkalníMlýn and they are accessible by the entrance in the wall of the Pustýžleb karst canyon. They attained their popularity thanks to the fact that they enable the visitor to reach the bottom of the Macocha Abyss while also taking a romantic cruise on the boats in the underground Punkva River. The most significant caves of the Moravian Karst open to the public welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.


BalcarkaCave lies in the northern part of the Moravia Karst in a picturesquepart of the Suchýžleb Valley nearby Ostrov u Macochy in a nature preserve called Balcarovaskála – Vintoky. It is an impressive labyrinth of corridors, domes and gorges decorated with rich and multi-faceted stalactite forms.

VýpustekCave system

The findings in these caves testify to their being settled as early as 1500 BC and they were also used heavily during both of the world wars.

Spring and Poklona roadside cross

The spring is a bit less than a kilometre from the Křtiny church in the direction of Adamov.

Publically-accessible Arboretum

You can find us between the towns of Křtiny andJedovnice. The area of the arboretum is 23 ha. It includes the meadows around the stream, the adjacent parts of the forested hills and a fish pond. The basic tour takes approximately 1 hour.

Veselice–Podvrší Observation Tower

This contemporary modern telecommunications tower was put into operation in August of the year 2001. From the platform the visitor is rewarded with a view of the entire Moravian Karst area as well as other more distant sites, such as the towers of the Dukovany power plant approximately 50 km away.

Alexandrova u AdamovaObservation Tower

The Alexandrovaobservation tower rises above the town ofAdamov, on a high forested hillside on the edge of theBabickáPlateau. In underwent reconstruction in 2007 whereupon it received new outdoor access stairs and an entirely new superstructure.


A tribute to foresters, LesnickýSlavín is located in the forests of Brno’s Mendel University. It is a set of monuments, plaques and wells dedicated not only to famous foresters and professors from the university who were responsible for the forests around Brno and their upkeep, but also to artists whose works were inspired by the forests and countryside.Most of the monuments are located in the area of Adamov andKřtiny, not only on the hiking paths, but also deep in the woods off such paths. The monuments and plaques mostly originated through the incentives of professors from Mendel University in order to honour the work of a specific forester or artist. Due to the number of monuments it is nearly impossible to name all of them, though the most visited include Mách’s monument on the old castle trail, the Stromy monument at the ŘícmaniceArboretum or the monument to the foresters tortured during the Second World War.

Radostnácesta hiking path

A short walking route was established in the nineties under the care of the Křtiny parsonage, leading along the forested slope of the Křtiny Hills, with several stops and interesting views of the church and the centre of town. The route is about two kilometres long and rises fifty metres.

Klostermann Well

The well, about three kilometres northwest from the centre of the town of Křtiny, was built in the 1920s in memory of the Šumava author KarelKlostermann. It offers a pleasant undemanding walk through the forest.On the way you will encounter a paddock with horses and goats on the edge of the hornbeam meadows. This trip can be combined with a visit to the KřtinyArboretum.

EightBřezina stops

A marked tourist trail that leads you to 8 local stops with information boards where you can read interesting information about the given area, the surrounding nature, landmarks and natural phenomena.

Caves in the vicinity

Březina citizen AloisŠevčíkdiscovered the Malý lesíkCave in 1949 by throwing a stone into a rock chimney. Under his direction it subsequently became the subject of long-term excavation research by the Březina group ZO ČSS 6-12 of Brno’s Speleological Club. Other caves that have been discovered in the area are calledVeskalce, Na technice, Tereza, Kulichovadíra andPonornýhrádek. These are small though important caves since they are connected with the hard to reach labyrinth of underground waters.


Located at the beginning of the Suchýžleb Valley, about 500 to the east of Skalnímlýn.It is part of the ancient outlet cave which is evident in the noticeable signs of flowing water and its erosion activities. KateřinskáCave was also a rich deposit of bones fromPleistoceneanimals, especially bears. It has been open to the public since 1910.

Sloup-Šošůvska Caves

The caves are located on the southern edge of the town of Sloupin the Sloup Valley (the beginning of the Suchýžleb Valley). It is part of the Amateur Caves system, which is the longest cave system in the Czech Republic. The Sloup-Šošůvska Caves are an extensive complex of domes, corridors and huge underground gorges created over two levels. EliščinaCave has excellent acoustics and thus it is occasionally used for chamber music concerts.

Inspiring programme

1st day - easy start

  • LATER IN THE MORNING: go sightseeing at the farm, taking up with local pets - sheeps Ráchel and Rebeka, turkeys Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, guineafowls, chickens, geese, a big friendly Noe, horses and cats
  • LUNCH: you are welcome to have it at a near restaurant
  • AFTERNOON: relaxing at the farm, swimming in the lake if possible or walk around the farm
  • EVENING: feed the pets
  • DINNER: at a near restaurant Devon
  • visit our sauna in an outdoor cooling larch barrel

2nd day - sport and cognition 1

  • MORNING: an option to take part in an activity in feeding the pets and earn pony money (stájovky) - money valid at our farm and several restaurants nearby
  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • LATER IN THE MORNING: visit Velká Dohoda, a beautiful area for families with children at any age. This climbing area offers a lot of simple and difficult fairways, option to get a lift on harness which is 30-metre high, to crawl an amateurish cave or to get up on a rock
  • LUNCH: e.g. at the restaurant Olšovec in Jedovnice. There is a local pond Olšovec in which you can bathe and it is 42-hectare large. In the summer time you can even borrow a little boat to go around
  • AFTERNOON: visit the cave Výpustek where during the Second World War stood a secret factory and an antinuclear hideout during normalization. The visit takes one hour approx. After the previous order you can play an escape game
  • DINNER: at some restaurant in Brno
  • EVENING: visit the Brno Observatory and Planetarium, one of the high-tech observatories in Europe

3rd day - Křtiny (2 km / 1,24 mile from the farm)

  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • LATER IN THE MORNING: a trip to Křtiny. It offers local architecture to go sightseeing at. We will ensure you an exclusive visit of Marian church by Santini where a local parson will guide you. You can also visit a local ossuary and listen to chime
  • LUNCH: at a local Château restaurant offering delicious venison
  • AFTERNOON: families with little children can go along the path known as a snail Krasík. Others can choose a peaceful walk along Arboretum.
  • Relax at the farm, we will lend you board games to play on terrace
  • DINNER: at one of the best restaurants in Brno called Havana - 10 minutes from the farm Noe
  • Relax in a hot tub - larch barrel heated on 37,5 °C (99,5° Fahrenheit)

4th day - sport and cognition 2

  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • LATER IN THE MORNING: Speleoart - a unique experience in Moravian Karst - visit commonly unavailable caves on your own - from the simplest for children to hardest where you can even go rock climbing, always with a professional guide of course
  • LUNCH: at some restaurant in Brno
  • AFTERNOON: visit Vida centra in Brno - interactive centres where children are able to try to launch hydric rocket, freeze own shade, try to forecast the weather or feel an earthquake
  • DINNER: at some restaurant in Brno

5th day - The Macocha Abyss and caves

  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • A trip to the Macocha Abyss (necessary booking in advance) and then visit to famous stalagmite caves - Kateřinka, Sloup-Šošůvka Caves and so on
  • LUNCH: at some restaurant nearby the Macocha Abyss
  • On the way back, visit the watchtower called Alexandrovka. We will tell you a secret about an impressive surrounding and believe us, it's impossible to not return there
  • DINNER: at some restaurant nearby
  • EVENING: Relax in a hot tub - larch barrel heated on 37,5 °C (99,5° Fahrenheit)

6th day - Bicycle or segway touring

  • Genuine farm breakfast
  • After the previous agreement we will ensure you to hire bicycles or segways. You can go a bikeway that is 200 metre-long (e.g. to Bukovinky, to pubs with garden or to Jedovnice where you can bathe in a pond called Olšovec)
  • While going from Jedovnice you can go sightseeing in a mill in Rudice and also Rudické propadání where a pond Jedovnice floats down to a depth of 90 metres

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